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    Triple Clip for Post filter to two 1812 Membrane Housings or K33 post Filter (2" to 2.5" to 2.5")

    Triple Clips for Filter and/or Membrane Housings, are used for attaching an Inline Post 2"Filter to 2 of either an inline 2.5" filters, and/or 1812 Membrane housings side by side.
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    Triple Clips for T33 (Post)-to- two 1812 Membrane Housings or K33 Size Filters (2" to 2.5" to 2.5")

    This clip is used to attach a T33 or "Post Filter" (2") Size Inline Filter side by side, with two 1812 Membrane Housings and/or K33 (2.5") Size Filters, such as K-type sediment, K-type Carbon, or the Yourpure Filters.