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    Tank Gauge


    The Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge is a rainwater tank level indicator that ensures you are able to tell how much water is in your tank at a glance.



    • Quick and easy to install - simple DIY product

    • Seals directly to the tank

    • Suitable for all existing and new tanks

    • No batteries or wiring required

    • Easy to read dial face with ‘Empty’ and ‘Full’ indicators

    • Empty and Full indicators allow for a more meaningful measurement than a numbered dial (due to different rainwater tank widths and styles)

    •Requires a standard 32mm hole saw

    • Low maintenance requirements

    • UV resistant

    • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 2.5 meters (100 inches) in height

    • Able to be securely installed on a wide variety of tank shapes (dome-topped, flat, peaked)

    • Utilizes a reliable float system



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