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    Jojo Rainhead Filter

    Manufacturer: JoJo
    Package Dimensions:
  • 260mm (h) x 197mm (W) x 184mm (L)

  • Contents:
  • Rainhead with Plastic screen
  • 110mm to 80/75mm adapter(L)
  • R795,00
    i h



    By reducing the introduction of organic sediment into your water tank, this simple yet effective pre-filtration accessory not only improves the quality of your stored rainwater, but it also reduces tank maintenance.

    Specifically designed for the South African climate and plumbing pipe sizes, our one-of-a-kind rainhead is versatile and ideal for any setup. Simply install it underneath your downpipe and use either a 110mm, 80mm or 75mm plumbing pipe to feed the rainwater into your water storage tank.


    Product Benefits:

    • Improves the quality of harvested rainwater
    • Prevents mosquitoes from entering while still allowing adequate water flow
    • Suitable for 110mm, 80mm, and 75mm pipes
    • The unique plastic screen prevents rust
    • 180-degree pivot head allows for installation at any angle
    • The angular design of the filter screen allows for self-shedding of debris with each rainfall
    • Easy to install
    • Minimal maintenance required

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    Package Dimensions:
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  • Contents:
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  • R795,00
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  • Water Temperature: 5°C - 45°C
  • Submerged Depth (At Lowest Point) - 1 Metre
  • Tank Diameter : <2m 
  • Tank Height: 1m (Min) to 2m (Max)
  • Tank Volume: 10 000L (Maximum) 
  • Lamp Wattage: 100W
  • Lamp Life Span: 9000 - 12 000 hours
  • Lamp Wave Length: 250-260 nanometres
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