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    Spot-Free Premium Car Washing Filter System

  • Stainless Steel Frame with Wheels for Easy Movement
  • 4 x 20" Big Blue & Clear Housings
  • Sediment, Activated Carbon, & Mixed Bed (Di) Resin Filters
  • Standard Hose Pipe Connection Fittings
  • Housing Spanner
  • Handheld TDS Meter
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    R15 850,00
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    Spot-Free Premium Car Washing System 

    The Spot-free Premium System is the ideal system for producing clear "spot-free" water for rinsing off a car after a full wash, preventing the small white spots from developing, and giving the car's surface a clean professional-looking finish.  The Spot-Free Premium system will also help to reduce chlorine levels in municipal water helping to prevent oxidization (rusting) and/or damage to the car, that can be caused by chlorine in the water. 


    Please note that the Spot-Free Premium system is a custom-built unit, and depending on the availability of materials construction time can take 5 to 15 working days before the system will be ready for collection or dispatch. 



    • Reduces the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the source water for spot-free water. 
    • Reduces chlorine content in municipal waters, helping to prevent rust or damage to the surface of the car.
    • The Trolley with wheels makes the unit easy to move. 
    • Easy to replace Sediment and Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges 
    • Big Refillable Shells are easy to open and Refill with Mixed Bed Resin


    How does it work? 

    Typically when you rinse your car off after a wash using normal water, if you just leave the water to dry, you will find that white spots are left behind. These white spots are typically caused by minerals (Total Dissolved Solids / TDS) in the water (such as salts, calcium, etc) which are left behind on the car's surface when the water drys out. Normally you would need to vigorously hand-dry to prevent these white spots from appearing, which can undo all your hard work washing the car. 

    The spot-free premium system is designed to reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids / Total Mineral Content) of source water, using Mixed Bed (Di) Resin to capture the mineral ions in the water. Removing these mineral ions from the water will help to prevent the minerals from depositing on the car's surface, helping to prevent the white spots from forming. 



    Keep In mind 

    • The effectiveness of the Spot-free system will be directly influenced by both the total mineral content of the source water, as well as the flow rate of the water through the system. If the flow rate is too high the DI resin may not have adequate contact time with the water, and high enough mineral content to cause the white water spots will still get through. The system comes with a "throttling" valve which will allow you to reduce the flow rate through the mixed bed resin cartridge/cartridges allowing them more contact time with the water and allowing them to more effectively absorb the mineral ions from the water. 


    • The Quality of the source water will directly influence the life spans of the DI filters. In situations where the source water has a high mineral content level, the life span of the mixed bed resin will be greatly reduced. Keep in mind that failure to replace the cartridges and/or mixed bed resin inside of the refillable shell will reduce the effectiveness of the system. 


    • While the wheels on the Premium Spot-Free system make the unit easy to drag and move around, however, the stainless steel construction of the system does make the unit heavy, even more so once the unit is full of water. Take care not to injure yourself, when trying to pick up or lift the unit, it is recommended that two people are used when lifting the system. 





    Premium Spot-Free System Dimensions 



    Filter Set Options for Premium Spot Free System 

    Filter Set Option 1: 

    Filter Set Option 2: 



    How much water can go through the DI resin before depletion?

    A single 20" Big Mixed Bed Resin (DI) Cartridge holds between 4 and 5 liters of mixed bed resin, depending on the design of the refillable shell. 

    *Please keep in mind that the above table is just a rough guide on the life span of the DI resin, other factors such as flow rate, chlorine levels, etc,  can reduce the life span of the DI resin, and mean the cartridge will produce less water before needing to be refillable with fresh mixed bed resin