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    Silver 6 Stage RO/DI System

    Silver 6 Stage RO/DI comes with:
  • 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
  • Double Stage Di Unit with Mixed Bed Resin Cartridges
  • Handheld TDS Meter
  • Pressure Protection Valve
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    Silver 6 Stage RO/DI Water System

    The Silver 6 Stage RO/DI Water System is the ideal system for applications that require low conductivity or low TDS water, such as Saltwater aquariums, Battery water, laboratories, and electroplating.  It makes use of multi-stage filtration technology with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system as its base followed by Double-stage Deionization (DI) system containing a two Mixed Bed Resin Cartridges to further reduce the remaining minerals from the water, giving you as low a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level as possible.

    A Handheld TDS Meter is supplied with the system so you can monitor the TDS of the source water, the TDS being produced by the RO Membrane, and the TDS after the Mixed Bed Resin cartridge (Di System), allowing you to adequately monitor the condition of the filters. The Mixed Bed Resin is color changing going from blue to an orange color as the resin becomes depleted, allowing you to visually see when the resin inside of the cartridge needs to be replaced. 


    The Silver De-Ionised Water System Includes the following:

    • 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) System with or without Booster Pump 
    • Double Stage "DI" Unit with Mixed Bed Resin
    • 50 GPD (Gallons Per Day) RO Membrane
    • Pressure Protection Valve
    • Handheld TDS Meter


    Keep In Mind

    • The quality of the "Di" water produced by the system will depend greatly on the quality of your source water. For example with source water where the TDS is around 120ppm, this system should produce "product" water with a TDS of 10ppm or less (<10ppm). However, with poor source water quality, the "product" water's TDS would be much higher. For example, we had one case with borehole source water where the TDS was around 6000ppm, however even after going through the RO system the product water's TDS was still around 1000ppm. In such cases, additional filtration stages may be required to further reduce the product water's TDS.


    • The quality of the source water will affect the life span of the pre-filters, RO membrane, and Mixed Bed Resin. In situations with very poor source water quality, it is likely that the filters need to be replaced on a more regular basis.


    •  The quality of the "product" water produced by the RO/DI system will also depend completely on the condition of the pre-filters, RO membrane, and Mixed Bed Resin. Failure to replace the filters regularly will result in the RO/DI system's "product" water dropping in quality. 


    Flow Diagram for 6 Stage RO/DI Water System 



    Pre-Filter Options


    Pre-filter Option 1: Standard Pre-filters


    Pre-filter Option 2: 1000mg/g Iodine Rated Carbon Filters

    The higher iodine rating of the carbon filters means that they will more effectively absorb chlorine and organic molecules from water, helping to protect the RO membrane. This filter set is ideal for municipal waters that tend to have high levels of chlorine dosed in them. 


    Pre-filter Option 3: Bacterial Filter Set

    This filter set is intended for non-municipal source waters where chlorine is not being dosed, such as boreholes, rivers, etc. These types of source waters are more likely to have higher bacterial content which can lead to bio-fouling of the RO membrane, so the bacterial filter set is meant to take a large amount of the bacterial load off of the membrane, helping to extend its life span. 


    Storage Tank Options

    The Standard RO/DI  System comes with an 18 Litre RO Buffer Tank, which will hold between 6 to 12 liters of water.

    The tank can be removed from the system, or upgraded to a larger tank if desired. .

    Please see the tank Dimensions for the larger tanks below, please note that Filtershop cannot be held responsible if the tank is too large for the cupboard or area you want to install the RO system into. 



    Additional Options


    Change Standard 1 Micron Melted Spray to Antibacterial Option

    The Melted Spray Antibacterial filters like the standard melted Spray type are designed to capture dirt, sediments, visible particles, and bacteria.

    However, the Melted Spray sediment filters have had a silver ion additive added to their material, which creates a bacteriostatic function to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the filter, helping to ensure healthier product water and a longer life span of the filter.

    This option is ideal for source waters that have a very high bacterial / organism count and will help to extend the life of the filter.



    Dual Inline TDS Meter

    The Dual Inline TDS Meter is ideal for monitoring the quality of water being produced by an RO/DI System.

    The Dual Inline TDS Meter also allows you to monitor the condition of a Reverse Osmosis Membrane or Mixed Bed Resin, by comparing the TDS level of water before the system and after. For example, if there is little to no difference between the TDS level of the source water, compared to that of the "product" water then it means the membrane and/or mixed bed resin needs to be replaced.

    The inline TDS meter makes checking the TDS level quick and easy as well. 




    Audio Leak Alarm