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    1/4" Steel Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Inlet & Outlet: 1/4" / 6mm Female Thread
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    1/4" Steel Pressure Reducing Valves


    The Steel Pressure Reducing valves are installed inline before water components (such as filter systems, filter housings, plumbed-in water dispensers, etc) to protect the components from damage due to high-pressure or water "hammering". 

    The Steel Pressure-reducing valves have an "adjustment screw" which can set the maximum pressure valve will allow to between 0.5 bar to 5 bar. 

    The 1/4" Steel Reducing Valves are normally used with Under-the-counter filter systems (such as ROs, or Triple under-the-counter systems), or with plumbed-in water dispensers (coolers). 



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