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    Plumbed In Water Dispenser with Built-In Filter - Type B

    Manufacturer: 62 Waters
    Plumbed In Water Dispenser with built-in Filters Provides Hot and Cold Water Plumbed directly into the mains, no need for refill bottles.
    R4 725,00
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    Plumbed in Water Dispenser with Built-in Water Filters - Type B


    The Plumbed in Water dispenser is designed to be plumbed directly into the mains. The dispenser will then automatically refill itself from the mains feed, removing the need for manually changing water bottles. 

    The Plumbed in Dispenser has a filtration system that will filter the water prior to it filling the dispenser. 


    The Filter System has the following stages: 

    • Stage 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter - Removes Dirt, Sediment, Dust, Rust, and other large visible Particles in the water.
    • Stage 2:  Activated Carbon Filter - Absorbs chlorine and organic molecules (Bad Odours) from the water. 
    • Stage 3:  0.2 Micron Ultra Filtration Membrane - Filters out tiny particles, as well as bacteria from the water.
    • Stage 4: Additional Activated Carbon Filter - Absorbs any tastes or bad smells coming from the UF Membrane, as well as any remaining chlorine.  


    The Filter Set needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, dependent on the quality of the source water. Keep in mind that if the source water quality is very poor then the lifespans of the filters can be even less. 


    The Replacement Filter set is R 750.00 (Incl. vat/excl. Shipping & installation charges). 


    Keep in mind that these filter stages are not changing the mineral content of the water in any way, so if your source water has a brackish (salty)  taste it will still be present when the water comes out of the dispenser.

    The filters will not remove lime (Kalk / hardness) from the water, which can damage the components inside of the Dispenser. Please note that the Dispenser's warranty does not cover damage due to limescale build-up. If you do know that your water has a high level of lime then we would recommend adding additional filtration to protect the dispenser. 



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