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    JoJo Filter Jug

    Manufacturer: JoJo
    Jug specifications:
  • Item code: JJ-KF-203D
  • Package dimensions: 25cm (l) x 13,5cm (w) x 27cm (h)
  • Package weight: 950 grams
  • Pack contents: 1 x filter jug, 1 x filter car-tridge & 1 x LCD indicator
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    JoJo Filter Jug

    BenefitsFor clean safe and great tasting water!

    Safeguard your drinking water with the jug that filters your water as you fill it. Holding 1.6 liters when full, the JoJo water filter jug was specifically designed to easily fit inside your fridge, giving you access to cold, filtered water as long as you keep your jug full. An intuitive indicator will also let you know when it’s time to replace the water filter cartridge. Created using premium quality materials and precision manufacturing methods, your JoJo water filter jug will be an asset to your kitchen for a long time.


    Clean Drinking water through Disruptor™ Technology


    Most water filters act as a verified sieve. They reduce the amount of sediment and chlorine to make the water look and taste better but leave behind microscopic things such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and trace pharmaceuticals to name a few.

    Through Disruptor™ technology, JoJo water filters remove more contaminants than any other filter on the market to provide your household with clean, safe and great-tasting water. This ground-breaking technology harnesses a process called electroabsorption that creates an electrical field activated by water to attract and remove even the tiniest contaminants.


    Benefits and Features

    • 1,6L capacity

    • Unique Disruptor™ PACV technology

    • Filters up to 480 liters of water

    • BPA free food-grade materials

    • 100% recyclable (remove filter)

    • Compact and lightweight

    • Suitable for everyday use

    • Ergonomically designed

    • 1-year warranty (consumable parts only covered for manufacturing faults and defects)


    How often should the filter be replaced?

    The refill cartridge needs to be replaced every 300 refills or every 2 months.

    Note: because water quality and volume of consumption varies, filter service life will also vary.


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