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    Sawyer Mini & Puribag™ Combo Pack

    Pack Comes Standard with:
  • 1 x Sawyer Mini Filter System
  • 1 x 10 Litre Puribag™
  • 1 x Inline Silver impregnated Carbon filter
  • 50 x P&G Purifier of Water Satchels

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    Sawyer Mini & Puribag™ Combo Pack 


    This Portable Water Purification combo pack includes both the Puribag™ Purification system, as well as the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System.  Their small size and lightweight, make both systems perfect for camping, hiking, and Overlanding. 

    The Sawyer Mini and Puribag systems are also great additions to survival or emergency preparation (Prep) kits. 


    The Standard Combo Pack includes: 

    • Sawyer Mini Filter
    • 1 x Sawyer Squeeze Bag
    • Cleaning Plunger for Sawyer
    • 1 x 10 Litre Puribag™
    • 50 x P&G Purifier of Water Satchels 
    • Inline Silver impregnated Carbon filter




    Portable, Potable and Safe water.

    The 10L Puribag uses an ‘in-bag’ 30-minute water treatment process incorporating filter technologies, flocculation/ sorption, and chemical disinfection to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) requirements for safe drinking water. Puribag has been classified by the WHO as a Comprehensive Protection water treatment product.

    The Puribag™ Filtration system comes standard with one 10L Puribag™ & 12 P&G Purifier of Water Satchels. Each satchel is designed to clean 10 litres of water. 

    Puribag is a portable source of safe water for those on the move, working by capturing and treating the water, while evacuating the waste during treatment which limits any risk of recontamination, ensuring the water is safe to drink for days.

    Puribag can handle both high and low turbidity source waters, with high and low contaminant levels, offering a fully integrated approach to water treatment.


    The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is rated for an absolute filtration level of 0.1 Micron, and will remove particles, bacteria, protozoa, and cysts from source water. 


    The Sawyer Mini Water Filter uses a cluster of microfibrous tubes (Ultra Filtration). The water is drawn through the side walls of the hollow tubes, and out the small outlet holes, while the particles, bacteria, protozoa and cysts remain on the outer wall of the hollow fibre tubes. 



    • Lightweight, only 56 grams
    • Small, compact
    • Ideal for outdoor use, such as hiking, camping, cycling, emergency preparedness, and travel. 


    Keep in mind 

    • While the sawyer mini water filter is very effective at removing micro-organisms and bacteria in water, it will not remove other types of contaminants such as heavy metals and chlorine. 
    • The sawyer mini water filter also does not filter finely enough to change the mineral content of the source water, as so will not change the base mineral content of a source water. For example, if you have a source water with a very brackish (salty) taste to it, the sawyer mini filter system will not reduce or remove the brackish taste from the water. 


    Multiple ways to use

    There are several different ways that the sawyer mini water filter can be used. 



    The Sawyer mini filter can be used with hydration packs / water storage backpacks.



    Using the straw attachment you can draw water directly from a source water, through the sawyer filter, and into your month.


    Squeeze Bag

    Using the squeeze bag provided with the unit, you can fill the bag from a source water. Then squeeze the water out of the bag, through the sawyer mini water filter, and into another container, glass, or straight into your mouth. 


    The Sawyer mini filter's design means that the unit can be screwed onto most plastic bottle tops (with 28mm) such as cold drink or water bottles. 


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