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    P&G Purifier of Water

    P&G is working with many partners in an effort to provide clean water to improve health and reduce illnesses caused by contaminated water. These Satchels can be purchase individuals or boxes of 240 Satchels. Each Satchel can treat 10 Litres of water.
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    P&G Purifier of Water


    The Need for Clean Drinking Water

    • Safe drinking water is a challenge for nearly a billion people around the world every day
    • Waterborne diseases remain a leading cause of illness and death in the developing world
    • While progress is being made, there are still more than 1,000 children dying every day due to diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water

    What is P&G Purifier of Water?

    • P&G Purifier of Water is a powdered water purification technology packaged in a 4-gram packet
    • It works like a dirt magnet, pulling dirt and contaminants out of unclean water
    • P&G Purifier of Water is made up of the same ingredients used in municipal water treatment systems
    • It provides a visible signal that the water is getting cleaner, even in highly turbid water, and this increases user confidence
    • It also provides residual chlorination so that the water will remain usable for about a day
    • The portability of the light-weight packets makes them a viable option for distribution to victims of emergencies and natural disasters or to hard-to-reach rural areas
    • Only simple, readily available household implements—bucket, stir stick, filter cloth—are needed to use P&G packets

    Water Purification Process

    • Add the contents of 1 packet to 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water and stir to begin the process of precipitation and coagulation
      •Stir for 5 minutes until floc forms and the water becomes clear
    • Let rest for 5 minutes
    • Filter water through a clean, 100% cotton cloth and dispose of separated floc in a latrine
    • Wait 20 minutes before drinking to allow for complete disinfection
    • Store in a suitable container to prevent decontamination


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