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    Dosaplus 13 - Anti-Scale System

    Manufacturer: Atlas Filtri
  • Dosaplus 13 is designed for single-point use (Geyser, or washing machine, etc)
  • Dosaplus 13 is not designed for whole house applications
  • Dosaplus 13 Includes the first two Poliphos Refills
  • Dosaplus 13 can treat up to 30m3 of water per dosage*

  • Working conditions:
  • Max total hardness: 350ppm
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1500 Litre Per Hour / LPH
  • Max Working Pressure: 8 bar
  • Max Temperature:45°C
  • Min working temperature: 4°C
  • R1 495,00
    i h


    What Is The DosaPlus 13 Anti-scale System?

    The DosaPlus Anti-Scale System by Atlas Filtri is a revolutionary solution designed to combat the persistent nuisance of scale build-up in domestic water systems. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, this system is a quintessential addition to any household seeking to preserve the integrity of its plumbing infrastructure and enhance the quality of its water supply.

    The Dosaplus 13 model of the DosaPlus series of products is designed for single-point use such as before a geyser, ice maker, boiler, etc. The Dosaplus 13 anti-scale system is not designed for whole-house (complete home applications), if you are looking for a system for your whole house we would recommend looking at either the Siliphos, Water Softener or Limetron products. 


    Advanced Scale Prevention Technology: At the heart of the DosaPlus system lies an innovative proportional dosing mechanism, meticulously calibrated to administer precise amounts of anti-scale formulation into the water supply. This formulation effectively inhibits the crystallization of minerals, thereby thwarting the formation of scale deposits within pipes, faucets, and household appliances such as water heaters and coffee machines.

    Efficient and Eco-Friendly: One of the hallmark features of the DosaPlus system is its exceptional efficiency coupled with environmental consciousness. By employing a proportional dosing approach, the system optimizes the usage of anti-scale formulation, ensuring minimal wastage while maximizing effectiveness. This not only translates to cost savings for homeowners but also underscores Atlas Filtri's commitment to sustainable water management practices.

    360° Rotational Connection: A standout feature of the DosaPlus system is its ingeniously crafted 360° rotational connection mechanism. This innovative design facilitates seamless installation in a variety of plumbing configurations, allowing for flexibility and ease of use. Whether mounted horizontally, vertically, or at an angle, the system effortlessly adapts to the specific requirements of any household, ensuring hassle-free integration into existing water systems.

    Benefits of DosaPlus in Your Home:

    1. Preservation of Plumbing Infrastructure: By preventing the accumulation of scale deposits, the DosaPlus system safeguards the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing infrastructure, minimizing the risk of corrosion and blockages.

    2. Improved Water Quality: Say goodbye to the unpleasant taste and odor associated with hard water. With DosaPlus, you can enjoy a continuous supply of clean, fresh-tasting water devoid of mineral impurities.

    3. Extended Lifespan of Appliances: Scale buildup can wreak havoc on household appliances, causing them to malfunction prematurely. By incorporating DosaPlus into your water system, you can prolong the lifespan of appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines, thereby reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

    4. Convenient and Low-Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free operation, the DosaPlus system requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of scale-free water without the burden of regular upkeep. Simply install and let the system work its magic.

    In conclusion, the DosaPlus Anti-Scale System by Atlas Filtri stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in water treatment technology. With its advanced features, eco-friendly design, and unparalleled effectiveness, it represents a wise investment for any homeowner looking to combat the scourge of scale and elevate the quality of their water supply. Experience the difference with DosaPlus and rediscover the joy of pristine, scale-free water in your home.


    Technical Features

    • Anti-scale unit with Venturi effect for proportional dosage of polyphosphate
    • Models Dosaplus 13 is designed for point of use
    • Rotational connection unit in plastic IN/OUT 1/2" BSP
    • Integrated by-pass Mixer/valve 
    • Head: Plastic
    • Bowl: in PET or SAN
    • Type of polyphosphate refill: polyphosphate powder or Poliphos
    • Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113° F)
    • Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar (116 psi)
    • Maximum water hardness 35°F (350 ppm CaCo3)
    • Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
    • Better thermal efficiency and systems protection
    • Reduce energy costs and low operating costs
    • Restoration of old systems
    • Simple and quick maintenance with refills ready for use
    • Easy installation even in confined spaces
    • A wide range of models



    What is Poliphos?

    Poliphos is an economical and reliable water treatment system for potable and industrial water. It consists of glass-like polyphosphate silicate spheres and dispensers of variable size.

    Poliphos prevents scale and stops corrosion. It utilizes the phenomenon that minute concentrations of polyphosphates are sufficient to inhibit the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. Because of its phosphate and silicate content, Poliphos also inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface. A Poliphos concentration of 2 - 3 ppm is sufficient to achieve both of these effects.


    Poliphos will also slowly remove existing scale in old pipes if it consists of brown scale, i.e. iron oxide.

    Hard scale, i.e. calcium carbonate cannot so easily be removed by Poliphos. Here the advantage is again that Poliphos will prevent further scaling up.

    Experience shows that scale and corrosion are not only found in galvanized but also in copper pipes (see picture on page 3). Even in plastic pipes, one can find scale and deposits.

    As a rule of thumb, one can say that a 1mm scale on the heating coils of a boiler, increases the energy cost by 15%.

    Poliphos consists of 100% active substances. The use of tap water and other types of freshwater at the prescribed dosage is inoffensive. The components of Poliphos comply with FAO/WHO standards.

    Soft waters are aggressive to metals and cause corrosion. Consequently, the tap water turns brown. Leaks and burst pipes may be the result.