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    The aim of this filter is to get Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to a pH of over 8
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    One of the more complicated things to change and manage in water pH. Our Bodies want to maintain a pH of 7.8. So if we consume food or drink with a lower pH such as something very acidic (pH less than 7 is an acid) like a sparkling cold drink we have to use some of our reserves of calcium from our bones to maintain a steady pH level. 

    Water in general isn't one of the major contributors as normally water has a very low buffer. Buffer is how easily the solutions pH is changed. However water is very often a relatively low pH such as 5 due to CO2 from the atmosphere being absorbed. 

    The water alkalizer aims to address this problem by slowly dissolving minerals into the water that acts as a buffer and increases the pH. It will vary with flow rate but the aim is to get Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to a pH of over 8. This will eliminate the contribution of water to an acidic diet as the water will not be alkaline.

    Please note that the colour of Plastic Shell for the Alkalizer can change from batch to batch (yellow, blue, or green), however the minerals inside of the cartridge remain the same. Please keep this in mind when recieving the Alkalizer, it should be stated on the filter's label.

    Picture of Inline Water Alkalizer
    Inline Water Alkalizer
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