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    Under the counter Ultra Filtration (UF) -Click For More Info

    The under the counter UF has a capacity of 120 Litre Per Hour and will filter water down to 0.2 Microns
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        Under-Counter Ultra Filtration (UF) System
        Under-the-counter Ultra Filtration (UF) system filters water down to 0.2 Microns, removing small particles, chlorine, bacteria, and parasites. The UF system does not have any water wastage and preserves the mineral content of the source water.

        Ultrafiltration (UF): UF membranes are made up of Hollow Fibres that typically filter down to between 0.1 to 0.002 microns, depending on the grade of the UF Membrane. This is small enough to capture/remove fine sediment, particles, proteins,  bacteria, and larger organic molecules. UF membranes will allow dissolved salts, minerals, and smaller organic molecules to pass through the membrane. So the UF Membranes will not change the mineral, salt, or hardness content of the source water in any way. 

        • Maintenance is easy and low cost
        • Filtered water tastes and smells great
        • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
        • Hidden away out of sight, only a chrome tap is visible.
        • No electricity needed
        • Preserves the natural Mineral content of the source water
        • Delivers up to 120 Litre per hour of filtered water
        Keep in mind: 
        • Ultrafiltration will not remove smaller than 0.2-micron contaminants, such as viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. If these are of concern to you then we recommend you look at the under-the-counter RO systems.
        • The filters all have a certain life span and must be replaced to ensure that the system works effectively, specifically the Sediment filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Carbon block and T33 Carbon (Taste and odor filter) which must be changed every 6 months, and the UF Membrane has a 1 year (12 months) life span. 
        • The UF system can handle a minimum water pressure of 1 bar, however, ideally, there should be a water pressure of 3 to 4 bar for the system to work efficiently. Keep in mind that the UF system can handle a maximum water pressure of 6 bars, if the water pressure exceeds the 6 bar limit there is a risk of the system's filters and housing being damaged. If your water pressure is above 6 bars then we recommend installing a pressure regulator before the UF system. 


        How does it work?       

        Below is an outline of each filter and what exactly it removes from the water.

        Pre-Filter Set Option 1


        Pre-Filter Set Option 2


        Pre-Filter Set Option 3


        Maintenance Costs





        Filter System Installations:

        Filtershop now offers you the option to have your Filter Systems Installed by us. We do offer installation in and around Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

        If you are interested in having one of our technicians come to your home, business or site to have a filter system installed, please contact us via email: [email protected] and we will get back to you with more information.

        Note: Additional charges for any type of countertop other than wood, may be charged, as special drilling will be required which makes use of a very unique drill bit.


        Additional Options

         Leak Detector:

        The Leak detector is installed on to the under-the-counter unit and serves to protect against damage that may be caused by any leakage of the filter system.

        The leak detector will cut off the source water if there are any leaks coming from the main unit.

        Keep in mind that the leak detector will not stop leaks from the unit's source connector and faucet.


        Pressure Reducing valve:


        The system and its housings are rated for a maximum pressure of 6 bars, higher than that and the housing will crack or "bulge". If you have a very high water pressure or you know that your source pressure is prone to sudden pressure spikes then it is strongly recommended that you get a pressure reducing valve. 

        The Pressure reducing valve will keep the incoming pressure from exceeding 6 bar and so prevent the unit from being damaged.



        Audio Leak Alarm 


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