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    Triple Counter-Top with 1 Micron, KDF & Ceramic Cartridge

  • Filter Set: 10" Sediment Filter 1 Micron, KDF, & Ceramic Cartridge (0.5 Micron)
  • Filter Life Span: 1 to 24 Months*
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 50cm x 41cm x 16cm
  • Shipping Box Weight: 5kg
  • *
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    Triple Counter-Top Filter with 1 Micron, KDF, & Ceramic Cartridge
    The Triple Counter-Top Filtration System is stylishly positioned next to your kitchen sink. It enhances the general character and appeal of your kitchen while offering you the convenience of great tasting water on tap.
    • The 1 Micron Filter remove sediment, rust, dirt, and other visible particles in the water.
    • The KDF will also absorb chlorine and organic molecules (bad odors) from the water. The KDF will also absorb some heavy metals and active chemicals in the water. 
    • The Ceramic Cartridge (0.5 Micron) will Capture Bacteria and fine particles from the water. The Ceramic Cartridge can be washed once it becomes blocked. Please note that if there are very fine particles present in the water, the ceramic cartridge may remain blocked despite cleaning. In any case, the ceramic cartridge should be replaced every 12 months. 
    • Preserve the natural minerals in the water
    • No water wasted during filtration
    • Low maintenance
    • Low filter replacement cost
    • No electricity required
    • No specialized expertise required to install the unit
    • Small system, requiring very little space


    What it won't remove: 


    • Heavy metals - While the KDF cartridges will absorb Heavy metals in the water if you know that your source water has a high level of heavy metals. Then we would strongly recommend looking at something in combination with the KDF cartridge such as reverse osmosis.
    • Flouride 
    • Pesticides or Herbicides
    • Hardness (Lime / Kalk) 
    • It will not change the mineral content (Total Dissolved Solids / TDS) of the water in any way.


    How it works: 



    Keep in mind:
    • The nature and positioning of the housings on a countertop system will mean that gravity will still continue to push water out of the system for a short time even after the tap is switched off. This is especially true of the units that have the fine Filter/s options (such as ceramic, 0.2 Micron, or Absolute Cartridge). 
    • As the KDF Cartridge contains carbon, some carbon dust will be released (black particles) will be released when first installing a new system or replacing the filters. This carbon dust is not harmful, however, may not be pleasant to drink. You will need to flush the system for between 5 to 15 minutes to remove all the carbon dust inside. Then the water should be clear, and you can begin to use the system. 
    • Minerals and pesticides are too small to be removed by the filters in this filtration unit. Should this be a concern, consider installing the Home Reverse Osmosis System.
    • The system requires that a small water pipe is attached to the end of your standard kitchen tap.


    Maintenance costs 
    Dimensions of the Counter Top 
    Additional Options 
    Clear or White Housing/s 
    The Counter Top System is Available in either clear or white plastic housing/s. 
    The one benefit of the clear housing over the white housing is it allows you to see the condition of some of the filters (depending on the filter/s selected with the system. 
    However, the clear housing option does have some drawbacks as well, with the first being that the nature of clear plastic means that it is more brittle. As a result, it is more likely to crack or break if mishandled. 
    Another potential drawback of a clear housing is that it does allow light in, and so if you install the countertop system where there is direct sunlight, you are more likely to see the growth of Algae on the filter/s (green grow). Please keep this in mind when selecting your housing color. 
    What’s in the box?
    Here are the items and components that are included in the price:
    • 1 x Plastic Housings with Stand & Wall Mounting Bracket
    • 1 x Chrome Spout
    • 1 x Diverter valve and piping 
    • 1 x 10" Sediment Filter (1 Micron)
    • 1 x 10" Premium KDF cartridge
    • 1 x 10" Ceramic Cartridge (0.5 Micron)


    Not Included in the Price: 

    • Installation Charges
    • Delivery Charges 
    • Additional Replacement Cartridges (Can be added at an Extra Charge)
    Shipping Dimensions and Weight 
    Approximate Dimensions*: 50cm x 41cm x 16cm 
    Approximate Weight*: 5kg
    *Please note that the dimensions and weights may differ depending on additional options selected, and packaging available on hand.