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    Triple Bracket for Standard Filter Housings (Incl. Screws & Washers)

  • Compatible with 10 inch & 20 inch Slimline / standard size housings
  • Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel
  • Includes 12 x Screws and washers for mounting to the housing lid/head
  • Does not include screws or bolts for mounting to a wall or other surface
  • Does not include fittings for between housings
  • R420,00
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    Triple Bracket for Standard / Slimline Filter Housings

    The mounting brackets are made from powder-coated mild steel, and compatible with both 10 inch and 20 inch slimline (standard) size filter housings. 


    The mounting bracket is designed to allow the housings to be mounted against walls and other surfaces. The brackets help to support the weight of the housings when full of water preventing damage to the piping it is connected to, as well as making opening and closing the housings much easier.


    Keep In mind

    • Please note that all the brackets for standard 10-inch and 20-inch housings are designed to fit the housings we stock. Some standard housings are built to different specifications, as a result, the brackets for standard size housings may not match your housings.  Please check the distances between the holes on the lid, and contact us to ensure that the brackets will fit your housing.


    • The bracket does come with 12 screws and washers for mounting to the lid (head) of the housing but does not include the bolts for mounting the bracket to a wall or other surfaces. As the surface you wish to mount the housing to will determine what kind of screws or bolts you will require for the installation
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