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    Softener Control Valve - F112A3 (40m3/h)

    Manufacturer: Runxin
  • Inlet Port: 90mm
  • Outlet Port: 90mm
  • Drain Port: 90mm Male
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 40 000LPH
  • Model Number: F112A3
  • R36 950,00

    Water Softener Control Valve  - F112A3 (40m3/h)


    • The F112A3 Automatic Valve Head is designed to be used with water softener systems, for removing hardness (lime/calcium/magnesium/kalk) from water.


    • The F112A3 Valve head uses a digital control and timer to automatically go through the various stages of a water softener's regeneration cycle.


    • The F112A3 Valve head is very easy to program and operate. The F112A3 Valve Head allows you to set the regeneration cycle to take place after a set number of days, and at a particular time of day.


    • The F112A3 Valve head comes with a built-in capacitor, which helps to save the valve head's settings for around 3 days if the power should fail. If there is no power for longer than this, then the valve head will revert to the factory settings.