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    Single Stage DI Upgrade Kit for Small Domestic ROs

    Single Stage Upgrade Kit Includes:
  • 10" Clear Housing (1/4" thread) & Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Standard Housing Spanner
  • 10" Clear Refillable Shell
  • Color Changing Mixed Bed Resin
  • Sampling point fittings: 1/4" T-joint, Inline valve, and length of 1/4" piping
  • Does not Include:
  • RO System
  • 1/4" Piping (Optional)
    R1 750,00
    i h

    Single Stage DI Upgrade Kit for Small Domestic ROs.

    The Single-Stage DI Upgrade Kit is designed as an add-on final stage to an existing domestic size Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, to help further reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids / Mineral Content) of the product water currently being produced by the RO System. 

    Typically a very low TDS water is required for applications such as saltwater aquariums, laboratory applications, electroplating, battery water, etc. 

    However, there may also be situations where the source water has such a high TDS level that the RO System by itself may only be able to reduce it by so much and not to the desired or needed level, in which case the addition of the DI upgrade kit will help to bring it down even more. 

    The DI system features a clear housing, and clear refillable shell, inside of which is color-changing mixed bed resin. The mixed bed resin is a mixture of various anion and cation resins that will help to absorb a range of minerals and contaminants that managed to get through the RO membrane. As the Mixed Bed Resin absorbs the minerals from the water, the resin changes from a blue color to orange, once there is no blue color left it means that the resin inside of the cartridge has become "depleted" and needs to be replaced. 

    The clear refillable cartridge is reusable, so you would simply open the cartridge empty out the depleted resin, refill it with "fresh" mixed bed resin, then place it back in the housing.  The replacement mixed bed resin is available either per liter or in 25kg bags. 


    Please Keep In Mind: 

    • The "DI" Upgrade kit is intended to work alongside an existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, it is not meant to be used on its own as the mixed bed resin will have a greatly reduced life span, and need to be replaced very frequently. The "DI" system by itself, without an RO system before it, will likely not provide the desired quality of product water that is required.


    • These "DI" Upgrade kits are only meant for use with Small Domestic Size RO systems (50, 75, 100, 150, 200GPD). Note the system will work with semi-commercial size units such as the 300GPD or 400GPD as well however, you will likely find the Mixed Bed Resin will need to be replaced very regularly, which may prove to be very costly. 


    • These "DI" Upgrade kits will not work with industrial size RO systems/plants (800GPD, 1000GPD, 1500GPD, ETC) as their production rate is much higher than these systems are rated for. The industrial RO plants also work on larger piping sizes, and pressures that are well above what the DI systems are rated for.


    Single-Stage "DI" Upgrade Kit Flow Diagram 


    Additional Options 

    Handheld TDS Meter 

    The handheld TDS Meter allows you to test the TDS of the source water, the "product" water of the RO, and the "product" water after the Di System. 


    Dual Inline TDS Meter

    The Dual Inline TDS Meter is ideal for monitoring the quality of water being produced by an RO/DI System.

    The Dual Inline TDS Meter also allows you to monitor the condition of a Reverse Osmosis Membrane or Mixed Bed Resin, by comparing the TDS level of water before the system and after. For example, if there is little to no difference between the TDS level of the source water, compared to that of the "product" water then it means the membrane and/or mixed bed resin needs to be replaced.

    The inline TDS meter makes checking the TDS level quick and easy as well. 





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