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    SCREENGUARD™ Filters (Vertical Type)

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  • Model Number: SG V 2"
  • Inlet / Outlet: 50mm (ISO16 flanges)
  • Backflush Connection: 50mm
  • Filtration Area: 1350cm²
  • Max Operating Pressure: 10 bar
  • Max Flow Rate: 25m³/h
  • Min. Backflush Pressure: 2 bar
  • Backflush flow rate: 12m³/h
  • Dimensions:925mm x 455mm x 432mm (LxHxW)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1070mm x 660mm x 520mm(LxHxW)
  • Shipping Weight: 44kg
  • R85 950,00




    Groundwater or harsh water can pose a real challenge to the efficient operation of your sprinkler irrigation system, and the productivity of your investment. Thanks to its industry-leading filtration area and low back-flush cycle, ScreenGuard™ automatic ensures uncompromised filtration, uniform flow uniformity and higher yields over the long-term, while significantly lowering your filtration operating costs.


    When should you choose to use ScreenGuard™ filters?

    Screen filters are highly recommended for applications where there is heavy sediment present and, large amounts of water are required

    • Primary filtration for well water and/or single-use applications in multiple water sources
    • Primary filtration for micro and open field sprinkler applications in various water sources
    • Primary filtration for landscaping applications

    What makes ScreenGuard™ the leading screen filter in the industry?

    • Bigger is Better. The largest filtration in the industry prevents more dirt and sand particles from entering your irrigation system, reducing the risk of clogging and sub-optimal flow rates.
    • Grow with confidence. Gain greater peace of mind, knowing that your irrigation system is running at maximum efficiency.
    • Less costly maintenance. By requiring less back-flush cycles, our screen filters save you time and money on routine cleaning and maintenance.
    • Designed around you: From 2” all the way up to 14”, and with various micron rating screens, you are sure to find the screen filter that perfectly fits your needs.
    • Plug and play. Screen filters arrive fully assembled, keeping onsite preparation and set-up costs to an absolute minimum.
    • Built to perform. The filter body is made from high-quality carbon steel with a phenolic coating that protects against rust, and the cover and piston are made from a durable anti-corrosion composite material.



    Vertical SCREENGUARD™ Filters