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    Permeate Pump For 100 GPD RO System

    The Permeate Pump greatly increases the efficiency of a standard 100 GPD RO System. Take a 100GPD RO System from 38% to 64% efficiency.
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    What is it?

    Basically, the Permeate Pump uses the wastewater from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane to drive a pump that pulls water through the RO Membrane. This eliminates the back pressure from the storage tank giving the system almost double the efficiency. 

    Our Testing:

    We took a Bronze RO System without a booster pump connected to Centurion, Pretoria municipal water. We then allowed the system to fill its tank before drawing 5L pf product water. We then measured the amount of wastewater generated to fill the 5L again. We then attached the Permeate Pump and did the same test again and the results were dramatic.

    Without the Permeate Pump for the 5L of product water, we had 13.2L of wastewaterThis gave us an efficiency of 38%.

    With the Permeate Pump for the 5L of product water, we had 7.8L of wastewater. This increased the Efficiency to 64%.