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    Double Stage Non-UV Resistant Home Water Filtration System

    Indoor home, two-stage filtration system. (3/4" Female Thread) The popular choice Standard Price Includes:
  • 2 x 20 Inch Big/Jumbo (White) Housings
  • Big Housing Spanner
  • Shipping Dimensions: 43cm x 22cm x 74cm
  • Approximate Weight: 11kg
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    Double Stage Non UV Resistant Home Water Filtration System

    IMPORTANT: This unit is solely intended for INDOOR INSTALLATIONS ONLY, as the standard white housings that comes with the unit, are not UV-resistant. 

    The Double Stage Home Water Filtration is a simple and inexpensive way of removing unwanted particles from a water supply. 

    Depending on the Filter Set You Select on the Double Stage Big/Jumbo System, the system may also remove chlorine, heavy metals, and some bacteria from the source water.


    • All the water supplied to your house is filtered
    • Removes chemicals such as chlorine
    • Filtrated water tastes and smells great
    • Preserve the natural minerals in the water
    • No water wasted during filtration
    • Low maintenance
    • Relatively low filter replacement cost
    • No electricity required
    • Large filtration capacity
    • Low-cost filtration solution

     Keep in mind:

    • These systems are not ideal for situations with heavy bacteria levels. while the 1 Micron and 0.2 Micron Filters will capture some bacteria, we would recommend that you would rather want to consider a more advanced filtration system, such as the Complete Home Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems or Complete Home Ultra Violet (UV) Systems.
    • Minerals and pesticides are too small to be removed by the filters in this filtration unit.
    • You will require some plumbing knowledge and experience to install the system successfully.
    • These systems typically filter water at a peak flow rate of 2400 liters per hour.
    • The Filter housings have a maximum operating pressure of 90 psi. If you suspect that your water pressure will at any time exceed 80 psi, a pressure regulator MUST BE INSTALLED before the filter housing. This action will guard against the water pressure exceeding the maximum pressure rating. It is recommended that the pressure regulator is set at 70 psi or less.
    • Protect the filter housing from freezing, as this can cause the housing to crack.

    Installation of the Double Stage Big/Jumbo System on a stand.


    Filter Set Options

    There are several different combinations of filters that can be used in the Double Stage Big Blue System.

    *Please keep in mind that the Life Span of the Filter Cartridges is dependent on the quality of the source water, in situations with very poor quality source water the life spans will much lower. 


    20 Inch Big Sediment Filter (1 Micron) & 20 Inch Big Carbon Block (Life Span: 3 to 6 months*)


    20 Inch Big Sediment Filter (1 Micron) & 20 Inch Big KDF Cartridge (Life Span: 6 to 24 months*)


    20 Inch Big Sediment Filter (1 Micron) & 20 Inch Big Pleated Filter (0.2 Micron) (Life Span: 3 to 12 months*)


    20 Inch Big Sediment Filter (5 Micron) & 20 Inch Big Sediment Filter (1 Micron) (Life Span: 3 to 6 months*)