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    JSPM1000- 1kW Self-Priming Jet Pump (Polypropylene)

    Range of Performance
  • Max Flow: 63L/min (3.8 m3/h)
  • Head Max: 44m
  • Max Pressure: 4.4bar

  • Limits of Use
  • Suction Height: Max 7m
  • Liquid Temperature: 40°C
  • Ambient Temperature: 40°C
    R4 395,00
    i h

    JSPM1000 - 1kW Self-Priming Jet Pump

    The JSPM1000 is a one-of-a-kind self-priming pump. Constructed with lightweight robust material, it is ideal for transport and installation. The JSPM can achieve a suction head of up to 7 meters through the use of the internal Vernturi Technology. It can empty wells and supply enough pressure to run an irrigation system. The pumps deliver a head of up to 44m and deliver a flow of up to 3 000 L/hour.


    Uses and installations
    The JSPM range is recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and liquids that are chemically nonaggressive for the materials used in the
    construction. Due to their reliability, simplicity of use, and economy, they are suitable for domestic use, irrigation applications, and specifically for the extraction of water from well points. The pump must be installed under a vented cover and protected against exposure to rain or water spray.





    Construction Characteristics: 

    Pump Body: Polypropyleme

    Impeller: Noryl 

    Motor Shaft: Stainless Steel 304 

    Mechanical Seal: Ceramic-graphite 

    Electric Motor: Single-phase 230v - 50Hz (includes a capacitor and thermal overload protection)

    Insulation: Class B 

    Protection: IP 44


    Additional Options 

    Pressure Tank Upgrade Kit for standard booster pumps


    Adding a Pressure tank to your booster pump setup can help to reduce how often the pressure pump turns on and off, thus helping to reduce the total power consumption of the booster pump. The Pressure tank will be filled with a "buffer" of water (the number of liters depending on the size of the tank), so when a small amount of water is required in the household, such as flushing a toilet or using a tap to quickly wash your hands, this water will come out of the pressure tank first, meaning the pump will not need to switch on at first. As more and more water leaves the pressure tank, the pressure inside the tank will drop, until the pressure drops below a preset minimum pressure on the pressure sensor, at which point the pump will turn on continuing to feed the household with water and refilling the pressure tank. Once there is no more water required in the household, the pressure tank is filled, and until the maximum pressure setting on the pressure sensor is reached, the pump will then turn off again. 

    Keep In Mind: Pressure tank litre sizing is the whole volume inside of the pressure tank, part of which will be taken up by Air and the rest of the volume will then be for the water you fill it with. As a result, water will only take up between 30 to 60% of the total volume of the tank depending on pressure. For example, a tank that is rated for 100 Litres will only actually hold between 30 & 60 litres of water in real-world practice. Please keep this in mind when selecting your tank size. 


    Pressure Tank Upgrade Kit for standard booster pumps Includes: 

    *Please note the size of the tank in comparison to the pump will differ depending on the size tank ordered.



    Pump Cover 

    Specifically designed to accommodate our range of different Booster Pumps and VSD pumps, this cover is manufactured from high-grade virgin LLDPE (BPA-free) material, ensuring that your pump is protected against all weather conditions. There are several colors available. 

    Please note that the Pump Cover is only large enough to house the booster pump and its regulator only, if you have a pressure tank, it will need to be installed outside of the pump cover. 



    Add Surge Protection Plug 


    It is always strongly recommended to install a surge protection plug or adapter with any electrical appliance, including pressure pumps. This will safeguard the electrics against potential damage from power surges.