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    Inline Anti-Scaling and Odour Filter -Click For More Info

    Ideal filter for a variety of applications such as coffee, espresso, ice makers and fridges. Removes odors from water, and also helps to inhibit the formation of scale inside of the equipment
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    Inline Anti-Scaling and odour filter specifications:

    Maximum Flow rate: 0.5 Gallons
    Maximum Pressure Rating:125 psi
    Temperature rating:5 - 40 degrees celcius
    Service Life Rating:2000 Gallons

    Keep In mind

    • The Anti-scale inline cartridge is designed for municipal quality water with low levels of hardness (lime / kalk).
    • Keep in mind that the service life rating is just a guide, the life span can be greatly reduced depending on the quality of the source water.
    • The Anti-scale filter will not be effective in situations with very hard water.
    • The filter is not to be used with water coming from unsafe or unknown sources without adequate disinfection system before or after the filter.