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    Cold & Ambient Water Dispenser with Storage Base -Click For More Info

    Manufacturer: 62 Waters
    Free standing water dispenser. Provides cold water only. Compatible with filter bottles.
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    Cold & Ambient Water Dispenser with Storage Base


    • The free-standing cold water dispensers are compressor-driven (Type: R314a/35g) to supply cold water quickly and in large quantities.


    • The Dispenser is Bottle Fed.


    • The dispenser comes with a small storage cabinet at the base for storing things such as cups or paper towels, etc. Please note that this is not a fridge, it is only a storage space and does not cool in any way. If you are looking for a dispenser with a fridge, please click on the following link, 


    • IMPORTANT!!! : Please keep in mind that the water dispensers must not be placed on their sides at any time, and must remain standing upright. If the dispenser is placed on its side then the compressor inside the dispenser will be damaged.  


    Specifications :


            Input Power

    220 Volts - 50Hz

            Cooling Input

    112 Watts

            Total Power Input

    112 Watts

            Cold Water Output

    2 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or below 10 °C)

            Power Consumption

    1.5Kw per 24 Hours


    100cm x 34 cm x 34 cm


    16 KG




    Bottle Options

    There are two types of bottles that can be used with the standard water dispensers, there is the standard 18.9-litre water bottle or the top-filling water bottle.


    Empty 18.9 Litre Water Bottle

    This is the standard bottle used on water dispensers, you would simply remove the bottle from the dispenser fill it at a tap and then place it back on the dispenser.



    Top-Filling water bottle

    The top-filling Filter Bottle works by having water manually poured the water into the bottle, and the water then filters through the filter cartridge in the centre of the bottle. The filter removes some sediment and chlorine from the water, making the water smell and taste better.  

    The Top Filling Filter bottle holds about 12 litres.

    Maintenance on Top filling water bottle

    The Filtershop does not have in-house maintenance personnel at the current time, however, the maintenance on the filter bottle is very simple and does not require any specialized knowledge.

    The filter cartridge inside the top-filling water bottle will need to be replaced after 3 to 6 months, depending on the amount of water flowing through the cartridge. 

    The maintenance simply involves removing the cartridge and screwing a new one into place, and then rising the inside of the water dispenser with a little bit of water and Milton when you replace the cartridge inside the bottle.


    Bottled Water

    If you would like to be supplied with Bottled water for your dispenser, then please let us know and we will have a sales representative from our sister company contact you as soon as possible.


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