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    Duplex Softener Valve Head - F88A (10m3/h)

    Manufacturer: Runxin
  • Inlet Port: 1.5" / 40mm Male
  • Outlet Port: 1.5" / 40mm Male
  • Drain Port: 1" / 25mm Male
  • Base Thread: 2.5" / 6.35cm
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10000LPH
  • Model Number: F88A
  • R19 750,00

    Duplex Water Softener Valve Head - F88A (10m3/h)

    The Duplex Softener Valve heads are used when you want to use two Softening FRP Vessels but want to use a single control valve head to operate both of the softner vessels. 

    The Duplex Softener valve heads are also used when you want to have a water softening system that operates 24/7, as the Duplex valve head allows one vessel to continue normal operation, while the other is being regenerated, and so you do not cut off the water supply to the endpoint. When the first Vessel has completed it's regeneration, then the valve head will automatically switch them over, so the first vessel begins normal operation and the second vessel then gets regenerated.