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    F63C1 Automatic Softener Valve Head - Time Set Only (4m3/h)

    Manufacturer: Runxin
  • Model Number: F63C1
  • Programming Type: Time Setting only
  • Inlet Port: 1" / 25mm Male
  • Outlet Port: 1" / 25mm Male
  • Drain Port: 1/2" / 15mm Male (with hose nozzle)
  • Base Thread: 2.5" / 6.35cm
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4000 LPH
  • R3 950,00
    i h

    F63C1 Automatic Softener Valve Head - Time Only (4m3/h)



    The F63C1 Automatic softener valve head is designed to work with a residential / semi-commercial size water softening system, for removing hardness (lime/calcium/magnesium / kalk) from water. The F63C1 Softener valve head is time programmable only, which means that you can set the number of days before the regeneration cycle takes place, as well as the time of day that the regeneration cycle will start. There is also the F63C3 Softener valve available, which is both programmable by time as well as flow through the softener unit, you can find that model at the following link, .  


    • Inlet : 1"/ 25mm Female
    • Outlet: 1"/ 25mm Female 
    • Brine Pipe Fitting: 3/8"
    • Drain Pipe: Hose Nozzle
    • Power: 12v DC includes transformer for 220v
    • Maximum flow rate: 4000LPH 
    • Base size: 2.5" Port




    • The F63C1 Valve head uses a digital control and timer to automatically go through the various stages of a water softener's regeneration cycle.
    • The F63C1 Valve head is very easy to program and operate. The F63C1 has a clear LCD screen with easy-to-press buttons.
    • The F63C1 Valve head comes with a built-in capacitor, which helps to save the valve head's settings for around 3 days if the power should fail. If there is no power for longer than this, then the valve head will revert to the factory settings


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