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    Automatic Purification Valve Head - F67C1 (4m3/h)

    Manufacturer: Runxin
  • Inlet Port: 1" / 25mm Female
  • Outlet Port: 1" / 25mm Female
  • Drain Port: 1" / 25mm Female
  • Base Thread: 2.5" / 6.35cm
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4000 LPH
  • Model Number: F67C1
  • R4 450,00
    i h

    2.5" Digital Automatic Backwash valve head (Purification valve) - F67C1



    • The Digital Automatic Backwash Valve Head can be used with several different Filtration Medias such as Activated Carbon, Silica Sand, Birm, Crystal Sand, Katalox Light or AFM Glass Media. 


    • The Automatic Backwash valve Head allows you to backwash out sediment, dirt, rust, and other large particles that are caught between the media granules. 


    • The F67C1 Purification Valve head uses a digital control and timer to automatically go through the backwash cycle.


    • The F67C1 Valve head is very easy to program and operate. The F67C1 Valve Head allows you to set the backwash to take place after a set number of days, and at a particular time of day. 


    • The F67C1 Valve head comes with a built-in capacitor, which helps to save the valve head's settings for around 3 days if the power should fail. If there is no power for longer than this, then the valve head will revert to the factory settings.



    • Inlet : 1"/ 25mm Female
    • Outlet: 1"/ 25mm Female 
    • Drain Pipe: 1"/ 25mm Female
    • Power: 12v DC includes transformer for 220v
    • Maximum Flow Rate: 4000 Litres Per Hour (LPH)


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