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    Desktop Stainless Steel Water Dispenser - Click For More Info

    Provides hot and cold water. Compatible with Empty 18.9 Litre (5 Gallon) or filter bottles.
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    Desktop Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water Dispenser 


    The Desktop Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Dispensers are compressor driven to supply cold water quickly and in large quantities.

    These Dispensers are held in stock with our Suppliers.  Please Contact Filtershop for Stock Availability of this Dispensers, Contact Us. 



    •  Input Power
    220 Volts - 50Hz
    •  Heating Input
     550 Watts
    •  Cooling Input
     110 Watts
    •  Total Power Input
    660 Watts
    • Chilling Current 
    •  Cold Water Output
     2 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or Below 10°C )
    •  Hot Water Output
    5 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or Above 90°C )
    •  Power Consumption
    1.5Kw Per 24 Hour
    •  Dimensions
     57cm x 33cm x 36cm
    •  Weight





    • DO NOT LAY THE DISPENSER ON ITS SIDE AT ANY TIME. All the dispenser with compressors must remain upright at a 90 Degree angle, and must not lean below a 45-degree angle or the compressor will be damaged. 
    • The Dispenser must be kept at an ambient temperature of between 10°C and 38°C, to ensure the dispenser works effectively and to prevent any damage.
    • The Hot Water produced by the dispenser is hot enough to cause injury. Please Remember to use care when opening the hot water tap.
    • The Dispensers are designed to be used with the 18.9 Litre Water Bottles or the top filling filter bottles.


    Additional Options:

     Cup Dispenser

    The Cup dispenser sit on the side of the water dispenser and is designed to hold the 175mm polystyrene cups. The cup dispenser is R 150.00. Please note that the cup dispenser is grey in color, unfortunately, we do not stock Black cup dispensers. 



    Purified Bottled Water

    If you live in Gauteng, Durban or Cape Town, and you are looking to be supplied with purified bottled water for a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser then please visit to find out about their bottled water offerings.


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