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    DAB ESYBOX Mini3 0.75kW VSD Booster Pump

    Manufacturer: DAB Water Technology
    Pump specifications
  • Pump Model: EsyBox Mini3
  • Max Imput Power: 850W
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Low Noise
  • Max Flow: 80 lt/min
  • Max Pressure: 5.5 Bar
  • Max Fluid Temperature: 40˚C
  • Max Ambient Temperature: 50 ˚C
  • Package weight: 14kg
    R15 450,00
    i h

    Dab ESYBOX Mini3 0.75kW VSD Booster Pump


    The ideal pump for most single-family homes. 


    Product Benefits:

      Thanks to the Inverter technology, e.sybox draws the energy necessary according to the water requirements, thereby avoiding futile wastes and allowing considerable economic savings. 


      The new compact electronic pressure transducer with built-in temperature sensor developed by DAB, together with the flow sensor, both positioned on the pump delivery, send the necessary signals to the board for proper control of the system. 


      Designed to minimise the dimensions, ensure compactness of the system and make maintenance easy.


      Integrated in the system, it has a 1-litre capacity and is certified for drinking water. 


      Covered with caps fitted with gasket. Easy to remove, the suction and delivery of the system to be used can be easily selected, depending on the installation.


      LCD high-resolution adjustable for easy reading in the various installations. The user-friendly interface makes it possible to access all the information and customise the main settings according to the specificity of the application. 


      Allows easy access to the rotor shaft, vertical filling plug and expansion tank. It is also a practical housing for the maintenance tools and user’s guide, functional for using the system.


    • MOTOR
      New water-cooled motor highly resistant to corrosion. Makes it possible to install the system in a recess.


      Allows horizontal as well as vertical installation of the system. It can be easily removed to facilitate maintenance


      e.sybox is provided with a protection device which prevents the formation of ice inside, by activating the pump in case the temperature falls below values approaching freezing point.


      Multi-stage self-priming up to 8 m.


    • MOTOR
      The new water-cooled motor eliminates noise generated by the traditional cooling fans. 


      The new variable-speed electronics ensures constant pressure in relation to the flow rate. The systems with inverter technology make less noise compared to the traditional on/off systems because they regulate the motor rpm according to requirements and are also equipped with gradual startup and switch off.


      Made of ABS material, enclose the system, with protective and soundproofing function.


      Ensure effective absorption of vibrations, making the e.sybox even more silent and comfortable. They are designed for horizontal and vertical installation of the system


    Technical Specs:


    Additional Options 

    ESYCOVER FOR E.sybox


    While the E.sybox Series of Booster Pump systems are robust and well-built pump units, the one component on the pumps that can be susceptible to the elements (such as rain and direct sunlight) is the unit's control panel and LED Display.  To help protect this component DAB has designed an easy-to-install Plastic Cover for protecting the E.sybox control panel and screen from the Elements.




    Wall Mount Kit for Dab ESYBOX & ESYBOX Mini3

    Complete wall mounting kit with brackets, screws, dowels, and two spacers for shock absorption.

    Suitable for both esybox and esybox mini 3.



    Adding a Pressure Tank 


    Adding a Pressure tank to your booster pump setup can help to reduce how often the pressure pump turns on and off, thus helping to reduce the total power consumption of the booster pump. The Pressure tank will be filled with a "buffer" of water (the number of liters depending on the size of the tank), so when a small amount of water is required in the household, such as flushing a toilet or using a tap to quickly wash your hands, this water will come out of the pressure tank first, meaning the pump will not need to switch on at first. As more and more water leaves the pressure tank, the pressure inside the tank will drop, until the pressure drops below a preset minimum pressure on the pressure sensor, at which point the pump will turn on continuing to feed the household with water and refilling the pressure tank. Once there is no more water required in the household, the pressure tank is filled, and until the maximum pressure setting on the pressure sensor is reached, the pump will then turn off again. 

    Please note that with the EsyBox and Esybox Mini3, they can be set down to a maximum of 1 bar, as a result they will turn on sooner with a pressure tank, than with a pump that has a regulator that can be set lower than 1 bar. 

    Keep In Mind: Pressure tank litre sizing is the whole volume inside of the pressure tank, part of which will be taken up by Air and the rest of the volume will then be for the water you fill it with. As a result, water will only take up between 30 to 60% of the total volume of the tank depending on pressure. For example, a tank that is rated for 100 Litres will only actually hold between 30 & 60 litres of water in real-world practice. Please keep this in mind when selecting your tank size. 

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