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    Backup Water Not for Drinking


    Note that in this setup we don’t address the corrosiveness, so it will damage your plumbing if the water is used in the house for prolonged periods. Also, we only have a single point of lowering bacteria level and thus it is not suitable for drinking.

    Depending on how well you want to treat the water we would use a variation of the following setup:

    • Firstly, on the water feeding into the tank, I would strongly recommend a good First Flush Filter like the Superhead as it gets rid of most of the dust and bird droppings that accumulate on the roof. Especially the Nitrates in the bird droppings is a nightmare to try and filter out so this step is essential, one Superhead can handle about 100m2 of roof area.



    • Then from the tank, we can feed your house through the EsyBox Mini, it will be able to supply enough water to run all 2 showers as it will be restricted by the filters, if you need a larger flow you can, however, use multiple filters in parallel. This pump is one of the most reliable pumps around and provides a municipal like water delivery in the house.


    • Then after the pump, we can fit a 20um Washable Disc Filter to act as our main barrier for dust and this will help prevent dripping taps and toilet seals that don’t seal due to dust on the internal components.