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    Arsenic Removal Resin - 25L Bag

    INDION ASM is an ion exchange resin based media designed to selectively remove arsenic from groundwater without affecting the characteristics of influent water.
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    Arsenic Removal Resin - ASM


    INDION ASM is an ion exchange resin based media designed to selectively remove arsenic from groundwater without affecting the characteristics of influent water. 

    INDION ASM performs well, even in the presence of common anions such as chlorides, sulphates, or bicarbonates. INDION ASM is used like conventional ion exchange resins.

    INDION ASM is not a regeneratable ion exchange resin and needs to be disposed of and replaced every 3 to 6 months depending on flow rate and arsenic levels.  


    Salient Features

    • INDION ASM Selectively removes arsenic in the presence of other anions
    • It removes AS III as well as AS IV
    • INDION ASM is operated like conventional ion exchange resins and operates at conventional pressures. 
    • Physically stable during usage, does not generate fines.
    • Effluent arsenic levels does not exceed influent levels at any point in normal operation.
    • Ideal for municipal or residential POE & POU devices
    • INDION ASM was tested for volatile organic compounds VOC's, and found to be within the drinking standards as per EPA 8021 B. 
    • Water treated through INDION ASM was tested for oral toxicity as per IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia) and found to be safe for human consumption.
    • Exhausted INDION ASM is nontoxic and safe for disposal as per TCLP (Toxicity characteristics leaching procedure as per EPA 1311).
    • It is Recommend to pre-treat and pre-filter the influent water to obtain the best results.


    Operating Specifications 

    The desirable influent water quality must be within a specific limit:

    • Turbidity - 1 NTU
    • Iron - < 0.5ppm
    • Manganese - < 0.5ppm
    • Oil & grease - Nil 
    • Arsenic - 3000 ppb max 


    The Presence of Phosphates, Vanadium, and Silica can reduce the effectiveness of Arsenic Removal. 

    Note: It is recommended to rinse the resin with a minimum of 10 bed volumes of DM water before taking it into service.



    Typically for most domestic and commercial situations, the Arsenic Removal Resin is shipped in 25L Bags. 

    The Bag Dimensions are 35cm x 54cm x 12cm and 19kg**. 

    *Please note that the shipping weight listed below is for a Pallet of Resin, which is only for bulk orders. 

    **Please note that the bag dimensions may differ from Batch to Batch. 





    Field Tests Performed on INDION ASM in India


    Test 1:


    Test 2: 


    Ion exchange resins require proper care at all times. The resins must never be allowed to become dry. Regularly open the plastic bags and check the condition of the resin when in storage. If not moist, add enough clean demineralized water and keep it in a completely moist condition. Always keep the resin drum in the shade. The recommended storage temperature is between 20 C and 45 C.



    Acid and alkali solutions are corrosive and should be handled in a manner that will prevent eye and skin contact. If any oxidizing agents are used necessary safety precautions should be observed to avoid accidents and damage to the resin.