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    AlphaDisc™ Single XL 4" Disc Filter

    Manufacturer: Arkal
  • Lead time product, please contact Filtershop for availability
  • Available in 100, 130, & 200 micron
  • Maximum flow rate @ 100um (Black) - 18 to 66m3/h
  • Maximum flow rate @ 130um (Red) - 24 to 66m3/h
  • Maximum pressure – 10 bar
  • Minimum pressure for backwashing– 1.5 bar
  • Minimum Flow Rate for backwashing – 13m3/h
  • Temperature range 5 to 60°C
  • Inlet: 100mm Arkal Universal Flange
  • Outlet: 100mm Arkal Universal Flange
  • Drain: 80mm Grooved Coupling
  • R154 075,00

    AlphaDisc™ Disc Filter (Automatic Backwashing)



    AlphaDisc™ is the optimal irrigation solution for a wide range of applications. The modular design, unparalleled simplicity, and extreme filtration precision ensure a filtration solution that covers a wide range of flow rates and water quality needs.

    AlphaDisc™ prevents clogging and partial clogging with massive success. Its precise filtration ensures system longevity and uniformly irrigated crops leading to higher efficiency and peace of mind.


    Benefits and Features: 

    • High filtration efficiency – proven disc design ensures precise filtration grade through all depths of the disc for better clogging prevention.​
    • Unparalleled simplicity – Fewer parts, easy-to-do maintenance, service, repair, and a generally simpler design brings simplicity to the pumphouse.​
    • Highly modular – Unique modular design offers easy scalability as your needs evolve. Single units offer multiple configurations with inline, online, and angle configurations that can be easily adapted to any system configuration.​
    • Durable – Manufactured with durable anti-corrosive materials.​
    • Small footprint – Vertical installation ensures a well-designed, more cost-effective pumphouse.​
    • High dirt-holding capacity – High filtration velocity and area, coupled with the lowest head loss in the industry, maintains Netafim disc filter standards of particles captured, ensures fewer backflush cycles, and less downstream disruption.​
    • Cost-effective – Low total backflush requirements and low head loss result in a cost-effective irrigation system. AlphaDisc™ has no external backflush valve ensuring lower head loss as well as fewer moving parts and generally adding to filter simplicity.​
    • Smart –AlphaDisc™ smart controller is an innovative controller with always-on access to filtration data. The controller has an IP65 rating making it rain and dustproof.



    Coarse Sediment FIltration: - As a primary or secondary automatic filter for filtration setups where the source water has a high level of sediment, particles, dirt, and organics such as Algae.

    First Stage Filter: - The Alphadisc units are also recommended for use as the first stage to a complete filtration setup or plant, helping to extend the life spans of finer filtration systems down the line. 


    Technical Specifications: 

    • Good (TSS <50 ppm)
    • Average (TSS <100 ppm)
    • Bad (TSS <150 ppm)
    • Good (TSS >150 ppm)

    *High Flow capacity units can be created as these units are "stackable. Trio and Duo Units are combined to create high-capacity units operated by a single control. Please contact Filtershop for pricing on these options.