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    40 LPH Stainless Steel Water Fountain Rental

    Direct Line Cold Water Fountains with bubbler and Glass Filling Taps
    Rental price: R775,00 per 35 month(s)

    Stainless Steel Water Fountains

    • The Stainless Steel Water Fountains come with a bubbler and glass filling taps.

    • The Fountains uses a compressor to produce cold water quickly.

    • The Fountains are directly connected to a water source and drain. 

    • The Fountains do not come standard with a filter system, however an inline system can be add.

    • The Fountains only provides cold water.

    • The Fountains are built as needed, and construction time is 10 to 15 working days.

    • Keep in mind that the Water Fountain must not be placed on its side at any time, as this will damage the compressor inside the Water Fountain. The Water Fountain must remain upright at all times.

    40 Litre Stainless Steel Water Fountain Specifications*

    • Input Power

    220 Volts - 50Hz

    • Condenser

    Wire On Tap

    • Top

    304 Stainless Steel Basin Tap with Drain

    • Refrigerant

    Type 134A Ozone Friendly

    • Electrical

    16amp / 250 V (Three-Point Plug)

    • Temperature

    Factory Setting between 5-7 °C

    • Capacity

    Chills 40 Litres Per Hour

    • Dimensions

    645mm x 325mm x 340mm

    • Weight


    • Connection to Mains

    .5 Inch

    • Connection to Waste Water Outlet

    1.25 Inch

    • Inlet/Outlet Height

    870mm From Ground