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    3 Gram Ozone Generator for Water Treatment

  • Size (mm) (W x H x L): 200mm x 689mm x 311mm
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Power: 230V – 50Hz
  • Electrical Rating (W): 0.85 kWatt
  • Ozone Output: 3g p/h (Grams Per/Hour)
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    3 Gram Ozone Generator for Water Treatment

    The Ozone Generator uses oxygen (O2) to generate ozone (O3), which can then be dosed into water. Ozone is a highly effective oxidizer used to sterilize and neutralize (kill) organisms in the water. Ozone is around 1000x more powerful than traditional oxidizing agents such as chlorine or bleach.  
    • Easy to clean with minimal maintenance
    • Usable in both domestic and commercial applications
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Low power consumption
    • Affordable, Easy Replacement Air Dryer Cartridge


    Benefits of Ozone (O3)
    • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, and most other organic and inorganic contaminants
    • Can replace and significantly reduce levels of dangerous chemicals such as chlorine
    • Acts as a flocculant aiding in the removal of minerals such as iron and manganese
    • Ozone is generated safely on-site and controlled on-demand from air/oxygen and power
    • Produces no harmful by-products or residues
    • No unpleasant chemical tastes left in the water
    • Eliminates chlorine odor (chloramines)
    • No storage and handling of oxidants and other chemicals


    Ozone Generator Includes 

    • 3 Gram Per Hour (g/ph) Ozone Generator 
    • 2 x Ozone Check Valves (Non-return) 
    • 1 x 3/4" Venturi 
    • 3 Metre of Ozone Teflon Piping
    • Air Drier Cartridge 


    Not Included

    • Oxygen Tank and Regulator valve (available from suppliers such as Afrox)
    • Power Cable or Plug 





    How does the Ozone Generator work? 


    The ozone generator takes oxygen (either from the outside atmosphere or a tank of pure oxygen) and runs it through an electrical arc (similar to a small artificial lightning bolt), which causes the Oxygen (O2) to go through "photolysis". This is were the O2 (Two oxygen molecules), are split into two single oxygen molecules. These single oxygen molecules then bond with the remaining oxygen(O2) to form ozone (O3). 

    The ozone is dosed into the water using a venturi. The venturi is a plastic fitting that has an inlet and outlet, and a nozzle for attaching the Teflon tubing from the ozone generator.

    From the inlet of the Venturi, the path starts to narrow, until it reaches the middle of the fitting where it suddenly expands. When water passes through the venturi, the sudden change from a narrow passage to a large one, creates a vacuum.  This vacuum pulls the ozone from the ozone generator, through the Teflon piping, and into the water dosing it.

    In order to control the amount of ozone being dosed into the water, you will need to install a by-pass (not included) around the venturi. This will then allow you to control how much water goes through the venturi, and around it. For example, if you want a higher ozone level dosed into the water then you will want to put more water through the venturi, and less around it. On the other hand, if you want a lower dosage you will want more water to go around the venturi, and less through it. You can then test the level of ozone present in the water, using an ozone testing kit (not included)

    Keep in mind that to get the most efficient ozone dosing you from the system, you will require the correct size venturi and an adequate flow rate through the venturi. If you are taking water from a tank or non-municipal source, then you may require a booster pump in order to get the right flow rate through the venturi in order for the ozone to dose. Please see below the venturi size, the flow rates for them, and the recommended size booster pump for each venturi.        


    Water inlet & outlet for male screw thread1" Diameter3/4" Diameter1/2" Diameter
    Male-screw of air inlet valve diameter1/2"1/4"1/4"
    Total Length235mm152mm100mm
    Power of supporting pump0.75 KW0.55 KW0.35KW
    Air suction capacity11 - 15 nm3/hr7.5 - 10 nm3/hr4 - 7 nm3/hr
    Water flow3 000 - 10 000 l/h1 000 - 3 000 l/h200 - 1 000 l/h



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