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    2" Spin Klin™ Jasper Disc Filter - 3 Head Unit (Self Cleaning)

    Manufacturer: Arkal
  • Lead time product, please contact for availability
  • Available in 20, 55, 100, 130, & 200 micron
  • Maximum flow rate @ 130um - 45m3/h
  • Maximum pressure – 10 bar
  • Minimum pressure for backwashing– 2.8 bar
  • Minimum Flow Rate for backwashing – 10m3/h
  • Temperature range 1 to 70°C
  • Inlet: 100mm Arkal Universal Flange
  • Outlet: 100mm Arkal Universal Flange
  • Drain: 2" / 50mm Female BSP Thread
  • R140 755,00

    2" Arkal Spin Klin™ Jasper Disc Filter - 3 Head Unit (Self-Cleaning)


    Arkal Disc Filters are washable pre-filters that will extend the life of the filters that follow them. If your water is visibly dirty then adding a disc filter as a first stage is highly recommended.

    Arkal Water Filtration Systems operate using a specially designed disc filtration technology. Thin, color-coded polypropylene discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to specific micron size. A series of these discs are then stacked and compressed on a specially designed spine. When stacked, the groove on top runs opposite to the groove below, creating a filtration element with a statistically significant series of valleys and traps for solids. The stack is enclosed in a corrosion and pressure resistant housing.

    The 2" Spin Klin™ Disc Filters are self-cleaning and will automatically backwash the discs when they start to become blocked, removing the need for manual cleaning. 


    The Arkal 2" Spin Klin™ Jasper DIsc Filters are available with the following micron discs: 20 microns (grey), 55 microns (green), 100 microns (Black), 130 microns (red), and 200 microns (yellow). 



    • Micron-precise depth filtration of solids 
    • Innovative disc technology captures and retains large amounts of solids 
    • Long-term operation with minimal maintenance 
    • Easy and simple to operate 
    • Short AutomaticBackwash with regulated water volume for a small water footprint 
    • Permanently eliminates the need to replace filter media 
    • Compact Design


    How the 2" Spin Klin™ Jasper Disc Filters Works

    The Arkal 2" Spin Klin™ Jasper DIsc filter is a polymeric, series of automatic disc filters with a patented self-cleaning backwash mechanism.
    The Arkal 2" Spin Klin™ Jasper DIsc filter is for flow rates of up to 20 m3/h (88 GPM) with filtration degrees ranging from 20 – 200 micron. Inlet /Outlet - 50 mm (2”) diameter.

    The Filtration Process
    The discs are stacked on the Spin Klin™ spine and assembled according to pre-determined water filtration requirements. During filtration, the discs are compressed by means of a pre-loaded spring and differential pressure, forcing the water to pass through the grooved disc surface, thus trapping the solids.

    The Backwash Process
    Activated by a pre-determined time command or differential pressure, the filter enters backwash mode. The inlet valve port shuts as the drain valve port opens. Water flows through a bypass filter screen into the outlet valve and into the filter. During the backwash process, pressure is released and the spine’s piston elevates, releasing the compression on the discs. Tangential jets of filtered water are then forced through the nozzles positioned along the spine. At this stage the discs spin freely, loosening the trapped solids which are then flushed out.


    Construction Materials 

    • Filter Housing and Lid - RPP (Reinforce Polypropylene) & RPA (Reinforce Polyamide) 
    • Disc Elements - PA (Polyamide) or PP (Polypropylene)
    • Backwash valves - RPP (Reinforce Polypropylene) or RPA (Reinforce Polyamide) 
    • Manifolds - PP (Polypropylene) 
    • Seals - NBR or EPDM 
    • Control Tubing - PE & PA 


    General Data 

    • Max. Working Pressure - 10 bar / 145psi
    • Min. Backwash Pressure - 2.8bar / 40.6psi 
    • Max. Recommended Flow Rate @ 130 um - 30 - 45m3/h (Depending on Source water quality)
    • Inlet/outlet: 100mm Akral Universal Flange 
    • Max. Working Temperature - 60 degrees Celsius 


    Backwash Data 

    • Flushing time: 20 Seconds
    • Drain Port: 2"/ 50mm BSP Thread  
    • Min. Required Flow Rate for Backwash: 10m3/h /10000 Litres Per Hour 


    • A: 964mm
    • B: 660mm  
    • C: 747mm

    *Please note that the above diagram shows an example of the 3 head unit of the Jasper Spin Klin systems, and this is simply for illustration purposes for dimensions.