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    15 000 LPH UV Light (EB - 150)

    Manufacturers: Wonder Light ,
  • Wattage: 3 x 85w Bulbs
  • Maximum Flow Rating: 15 000 Litres Per Hour
  • Maximum Pressure: 6 bar / 90psi
  • Inlet/Outlet Port Sizes: Male 2" / 50mm Thread
  • Availability: Out of stock
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    15 000LPH UV Light with weatherproof Counter Box (Wonder Light EB-150)



    • The UV lights kill bacteria and other organisms in the water, using Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
    • The EB-150 UV Light uses three 85 watt UV Lamps working in parallel. 
    • The EB-150 UV Light comes with a weatherproof counter box which will protect the ballast from the elements, as well as indicate how many hours the UV light has been running. 
    • The Bulb (Lamp) inside the UV Lights typically have a lifespan of one year and then must be replaced, regardless of the size of the UV Lamp.
    • When Replacing UV Bulbs remember that the UV bulb is fragile and must be handled with care.
    • UV Bulbs are rated by both Wattage and capacity or Liter Per Hour (LPH)
    • Our UV bulbs have 4-pins on one side and the other side of the bulb just has an end cap


    Keep in mind


    • Keep in mind that as the UV light runs the bulb will generate heat. If water stands inside of the light for some time then it will come out warm/hot. 
    • The UV Lights warranty does not cover damage due to power surges or Lightning Strikes. It is strongly recommended that a Surge Protector is installed before the UV Light to Protect the Ballast against Power Surges or Lightning Strikes.
    • The UV light's are designed to operate for 24hours a day if you do not want the light to run all the time, then we would suggest installing a timer at the plug point to turn the light on and off as required.





    Wattage: 3 x 85w bulbs

    Maximum Flow Rating: 15 000 Litres Per Hour

    Maximum Pressure: 6 bar / 90psi

    Inlet/Outlet Port Sizes: Male 2" / 50mm Thread 

    Dimensions: Packaging - 

                        Stainless Steel Housing - 93.5cm x 23.2cm x 27cm

    Packaging Weight: