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    10 Inch Ceramic Filter (0.5 Micron)

    The Ceramic Filter is designed to filter down to 0.5 Micron, capturing dirt, sediment, particles, as well as bacteria.
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    Ceramic Filter

    The Ceramic Water Filter is designed to filter water down to 0.5 Micron, removing sediment, dirt, rust, visible particles, as well as bacteria from the water. 

    The Ceramic filter design and materials mean that it can be scrubbed and washed, as it blocks up with sediment and other contaminants. However, keep in mind that while it can be washed and cleaned, it is still recommended that the Ceramic Filter is replaced after 12 months (One Year). 

    Also please note that in situations where there are very fine particles in the source water, the ceramic filter may block up more quickly. And the pours may remain blocked despite washing the surface of the cartridge. In these cases, the filter's lifespan will be greatly reduced and it will need to be replaced more frequently. 


    If you wish to order the ceramic filter as a replacement for a previous ceramic cartridge, please ensure that you have carefully checked the size between your previous ceramic cartridge and other 10" Ceramic Filter before placing an order. 

    Filtershop cannot be held responsible if the incorrect size cartridge is ordered. 

    10" Ceramic Cartridge's dimensions are 25cm x 5.5cm.


    What will the Filter Remove: 

    • Turbidity (Sediment, Dirt, Rust, and other visible particles)
    • Bacteria (E.coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella) 
    • Algae
    • Cryptosporidium 
    • Giardia and other Cysts
    • Guinea Worm 


    Keep in Mind:

    • One of the major disadvantages of a ceramic water filter is its inability to remove hardness also known as Lime or "Kalk". 
    • In situations with very heavy levels of Turbidity (Dirt), you will find that the ceramic cartridge will block up more quickly due to it filtering to such a fine level. 
    • The Ceramic Cartridge will not remove heavy metals, fluoride, or viruses from water. 
    • The Ceramic Cartridge will not remove chlorine or any active chemicals from the water. 
    • There is always a risk of “nearly invisible” hairline cracks developing in the brittle ceramic candle, which can result in contamination. 
    • The flow rate of the filter will drop dramatically if it isn’t cleaned regularly, the need for this is however greatly reduced by placing a 1 or 5 Micron filter before the ceramic thus preventing larger particles from reaching the filter.