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This system is designed to be the most advance solution to provide good quality drinking water where ever you go on the market today.
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Portable Water Filtering System


The system was designed by FilterShop to address a problem the owners often faced when going on vacation, finding good drinking water. As many of us know the quality and taste of water varies greatly as you travel from area to area. Some areas the water has certain bacteria in that the locals are used to but your digestive track might have some issues with it. While other areas the water might taste dramatically different to what your used to, this is normally due to a dramatic change in the mineral composition of the water, this could mean that the water tastes brackish (high salt levels) or have high levels of lime (kalk, or Hardness).

This system is designed to be able to take almost any water source and create good quality drinking water. To give you an idea of how flexible the system is the South African National Defense Force deployed a prototype system with peace keeping forces in Central Africa.


  •        Built into a standard ammunition crate that is easy to transport
  •        Customizable to meet specific individual requirements
  •        Modular thus can be upgraded later on if the need arises
  •        The abilities of the system varies depending on the options selected
    • Can run with no electricity if the source water is pressurized
    • If the water pressure is low as in the case of a tank in a trailer the system can run from either 12 volt or 220 volt via a built in pump.
    • If there is no water pressure the system's pump can be primed via an included hand pump.
    • Depending on the water quality the system can run in a mode that doesn’t waste any water.
    • When setup for level 2 filtration the system can remove salt, lime, bacteria, viruses, water borne parasites, and even heavy metals.
    • When setup for level one filtration the system can provide up to 700 Liters per hour of treated water.
    • The system has two barriers that prevent bacteria from passing through thus making it much safer than conventional filter systems

Keep In Mind:

  •  The system needs to be setup for the quality of the source water 
  •  It is very important to make sure that the filters are always in good condition as this will affect your product water
  •  The chance is small but there is some water that even this system won’t be able to deal with such as extremely high salt levels (over 1000 TDS) or extremely high bacteria levels
  •  When operating in level two the system will waste at least 4 times as much water as it produces in order to prevent the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane from becoming blocked


 How does it work?


Basically the system starts with Level 1 Filtration that consists of three filters; a 1um sediment filter followed by a KDF and a Carbon Ceramic filter. This is the same set of filters that is used in our Triple Under Counter Filter System. Between them they remove chlorine, smells, dirt and most importantly Bacteria. You can click on the filters names to read more on what each individual filter does. This level of filtration is sufficient for most places where the water supply is municipal water that tastes acceptable.
We recommend taking a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter along too as it is used to measure the amount of minerals in the water and thus helps you decide if you want to use the system in level 1 or 2.
If the water has a TDS of over 100 then we recommend using level 2 filtration, this is Reverse Osmosis (RO). This process removes minerals from the water and thus makes brackish water sweet and hard water soft, it also provides a second barrier for bacteria. This is how ever a slow process with a maximum capacity of about 12 Liters Per Hour, and it will waste about 4 times that to keep the final filter from clogging. This process also requires a minimum pressure of 3 bar, thus in many situations you will need to use the booster pump. You can click on RO for more information on the process.
The basic system only includes level one filtration then there are a few options that can be added:
  • Level 2 Filtration (RO)

  • TDS Meter

  • 12 Volt Booster pump

  • 220 Volt Transformer

  • Main line supply connections

  • Pressure tank

  • Chrome tap

  • Hand pump for priming the system

  • Extra 50m of 1/4" Pipe

  • Extra set of level one filters

  • Extra Level 2 RO Membrane

  • Extra sediment filters

  • Arkel Disc Filter

  • Leak Detector

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