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Inline Non-return Valve -Click For More Info

1/4"and 3/8" inline Non Return Valve
From R 95,00

Mounting Elbow for 1/4" piping

Mounting Elbow allows the 1/4" piping to be attached to and feed into containers such as tanks or buckets
R 125,00

Inline manual shut off Valves -Click For More Info

Manual shut off valves for between 1/4" pipe sections or for between housings and pipe
From R 75,00

Non-return Valve -Click For More Info

Non-return Valves for membrane housings. Allows water to flow in out in one direction, and stops the water from flowing back in from the other direction.
From R 95,00

Pipe Adapters -Click For More Info

For taking 1/4" Inch piping to another diameter piping or thread size
From R 75,00

Pipe to pipe connectors -Click For More Info

Fittings for joining to pieces of either 1/4" or 3/8" pipe together. Available in both elbow and straight types
From R 35,00

Pipe to Thread Elbows -Click For More Info

Pipe to thread elbows. For connecting pipe to standard housings and membrane housings
From R 35,00

Straight pipe to thread -Click For More Info

Straight connections for joining pipe to thread. Available in both male and female thread.
From R 35,00